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Bay Area Treadmill Service has its humble beginnings in fitness home and commercial sales in and around the San Francisco, the Peninsula, and East Bay regions. With health-consciousness on the rise, and the increase in sales of home exercise equipment, as well as the opening of a large number of health-club facilities, we notice a severe lack of competitive and experienced fitness-equipment maintenance companies. After all, for a store selling fitness equipment, servicing said equipment is the last priority. We’d like to offer our customers a timely solution to their fitness issues coupled with friendly and prompt customer service.

Our technicians have over ten years of experience in the fitness industry. We are manufacturer-certified in most, if not all, fitness products. Each technician has had manufacturer-specific training and is qualified to diagnose and fix any issue you may encounter. Give us a try, we promise you the best!

Here are some of the brands we work with.

Health Rider
Life Fitness
Star Trac